Groups and International


Specific assignments

  • Tax advice and assistance with tax or social security audits
  • Assistance with the implementation of transfer price policies
  • Acquisition and sale audits
  • Support with development strategies: acquisitions, transfers, appraisals, analyses
  • Support with start-ups abroad
  • Validation of the historical files for all accounting entries (“FEC”)
  • Assistance with Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Business start-ups

  • Assistance with the creation of liaison offices, subsidiaries or branches

Everyday assistance and support

  • Comprehensive general or cost accounting
  • Account reviews and monitoring
  • Preparation and presentation of accounting and financial statements
  • Preparation of all tax returns
  • Administration of the tax group (implementation and preparation of the declarations)
  • Preparation of interim reports and account projections
  • Implementation of a suitable accounting and administrative structure
  • Outsourcing of your administrative and/or accounting services
  • Substitutions (replacement of collaborator) or providing support to your accounts team
  • Analysis or implementation of internal control procedures
  • Personalised administration tools: indicators, business forecasts, reporting for national or international groups
  • Analysis procedures and budget verifications
  • Consolidated accounts (implementation of procedures, preparation or revision of accounts) (French standards 99.02 and IFRS)
  • Advice and assistance in the implementation of accounting standards (French standards and IFRS)

Foreign companies

  • Support with foreign business start-ups in France (liaison offices, branches or subsidiaries)
  • Legal tasks (company formation, general meetings, formalities for the filing and publication of annual statements)
  • Registration of foreign employers in France and treatment of payroll and social charges
  • Comprehensive accounting and preparation of tax returns