Our values

Expertise and experience

The entire Crowe Fidelio team has the economic and financial tools required to provide top-quality chartered accounting and business consulting services.  This expertise, which is constantly renewed and updated, is based on extensive experience and the wide diversity of its client base.  More than simply an accounting and financial collaborator, Crowe Fidelio genuinely works as a permanent adviser to its clients.  Among other commitments, it strives every day to provide individuals with the solutions best suited to their situation, and provides decision-makers with the information they need to improve their business structure.

Technicality and innovation

Crowe Fidelio uses high-performance IT tools.  Aware of the need to adapt to the constraints imposed by the market, technological advancement and competition, Crowe Fidelio constantly strives to be at the cutting edge.

Furthermore, its ability to anticipate and adapt to the new economic and legal standards enables it to meet the expectations of its most exacting clients.

Proximity and reactivity

As a medium-sized firm, Crowe Fidelio places its clients at the centre of its concerns: individuals, SMEs or key accounts : special care is taken to listen closely to each of your requirements and gives you access to a wide range of services, whether inor outside Paris. Whatever your needs, we’ll propose a personalised solution which meets your expectations within the fastest possible timeframes.

Confidentiality and ethics

We carry out our assignments in observance of the code of ethics defined by the profession, and we are subject to the supervision of the regional council of the French Institute of Chartered Accountants (OEC).