The Associates

Stéphane Bernard-Migeon


Continually opening up new opportunities

President of Crowe Fidelio since 2011, Stéphane Bernard-Migeon has been a chartered accountant since 1998 and Associate of the firm since 2001. Member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of Crowe France, Stéphane Bernard-Migeon is the link with the international network (ILP) responsible for chartered accounting, taxation and consulting.

Specialising also in tax advice and supporting international groups, Stéphane Bernard-Migeon has extensive expertise in reporting and foreign business start-ups in France. He speaks French and English fluently.

He works in the services, luxury goods, real estate and business consulting sectors, and has acquired specific expertise in specific activities such as events agencies, production, design offices, artistic representation and fashion models.

These skills enable him to support his clients over time and anticipate their specific accounting, financial, legal and tax concerns.


Frédéric Chalvignac


Doing all we can to take care of our clients’ needs

Frédéric Chalvignac, a chartered accountant since 2001 and Crowe Fidelio Associate since 2010, specialises in providing accounting and tax services to international groups. He has specific expertise in situations of multiple accounting principles, tax consolidation, medium-sized listed holdings, mergers and acquisitions and LBO schemes.

Frédéric also has extensive experience of the various interim reporting formats and standards (French standards, IFRS, US or UK Gaap etc.). He specialises in the manufacturing, services and holdings sectors. Frédéric speaks fluent French and English.


Olivier Laissus


Supporting managers on their path to success

Olivier Laissus, achartered accountant and Crowe Fidelio Associate since 2005, specialises in the accounting, tax and social administration needs of business owners. He selects and implements the tools best suited to the preparation of budget forecasts and the measurement of activity, proposing total or partial outsourcing services for daily accounts administration, and advises and assists in technical operations.

He has significant experience in business start-ups: project financial packages, business plans, securisation of tax, social and legal aspects.  In parallel, he has developed a consolidation unit which he employs, in accordance with standard 99-02 and IFRS, in the industrial and service sectors. He also advises numerous associations.


Christian Laplane


Ensuring securisation using technical know-how meeting international standards and extensive knowledge of the regulatory environment

Graduating from the ESC Toulouse and the CPA (Centre for Business Improvement) of the HEC group, Christian Laplane is achartered accountant and auditor.  The Crowe Fidelio Associate specialises in IFRS standards, an area in which he also provides training.

Christian Laplane is also the link with the international network (ILP) responsible for audits, corporate finance, advisory and risk consulting services.

He has extensive experience in the numerous sectors of industry (e.g. paper making, chemicals, mechanics), trading and services, as well as in subsidiaries of groups listed in the United States or Great Britain.

Additionally, Christian Laplane is a court-certified expert (Expert to the Paris Court of Appeal)

Jean-Louis Rouzé – Founder


Know-how, rigour and enthusiasm shared with our clients and our collaborators

Founder of Crowe Fidelio in 1986, and with a loyal and high-quality client base, Jean-Louis Rouzé has surrounded himself with talented professionals capable of capitalising on providing high-quality services. The team, made up of male and female collaborators with multiple skills, offers a wide range of services with a high added-value.

Within this context, Jean-Louis Rouzé has facilitated the gradual transfer of the firm to his younger partners.

While retaining a number of business transfer missions, audit and contribution to audit mandates, he is also involved in the development of inter-business mediation.